Love Letter & Wine Box Ceremony

To love, laughter, and happily ever after.

Instead of your traditional wedding ceremony addition,
why not try this unique and romantic idea of a love letter and wine box?

This lovely alternative requires only a few small items: a wooden wine box, two love letters (from the bride to the groom and vice versa) in sealed envelopes, a few small nails, and a bottle of the couple’s favourite wine.

Here’s how it works:
Prior to the wedding day, the bride and groom write love letters to one another expressing the reasons they fell in love with the other, their hopes and dreams for their future together, and anything else they want to share and seal them in individual envelopes. Then, decorate the wooden wine box with whatever you want – line the inside with foam or some other material, stick in a CD mix of special songs, other romantic momentos, etc. The box will essentially be a relationship time capsule.

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During the actual ceremony, the officiant will share with the guests the reason and meaning behind your wine box. Then, with everyone witnessing, the bride and groom will place their letters in the box along with their favourite bottle of wine. The box is then nailed shut. The officiant can start with the first nail, with the bride and groom (and maybe even bridal party) following.

The box is not to be opened until a special wedding anniversary (five, ten, twenty-five – it’s up to you!). The one exception being if you hit a rocky patch in your relationship. At that point, open the box, uncork the wine, and read the letters you wrote to each other while drinking a glass of the wine. Hopefully, this would remind you of the reasons you love each other and how meaningful your relationship truly is, and start you on the road to getting back on track.

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