Butterfly Ceremony

To love, laughter, and happily ever after.

A butterfly wedding can be a spectacular event. A butterfly themed wedding is the perfect chance for a couple to include
fun, excitement and their personalities into their wedding.

Any wedding event that reflects the couple’s personalities makes for an unforgettable celebration. The release of live butterflies can make your wedding unique and memorable. For a butterfly themed wedding, the bride, the groom, and the wedding attendants’ accessories should reflect the butterfly theme.

For a butterfly wedding, the bride may wear a tiara with sparkling rhinestone butterflies and carry a bouquet of flowers with butterfly picks inserted between the individual flowers. The bridesmaids can also insert butterfly picks in their bouquets. The groom and the groomsmen should also insert butterfly picks into their boutonnières to reflect the butterfly wedding theme.

For a butterfly wedding, your wedding stationery, reception decorations and favours should reflect a butterfly theme. You should select invitations, thank you notes, and place cards with butterfly motifs. You may also insert butterfly picks in your reception room floral centrepieces.

Your guest book may also have different butterfly designs on the outside covers. To enhance the beauty of the reception room, you can hang large, artificial butterflies with various colour patterns from the ceiling or attach them strategically on the walls of the reception room.

According to an American Indian Legend, if anyone desires a wish to come true, they must capture a butterfly,
and whisper their wish to it and then set the butterfly free. The butterfly takes the wish to the heavens and the Great Spirit grants the wish.

For the most spectacular post-ceremony butterfly release, the wedding party and the guests form a circle around the newlyweds, the “wish legend” is read aloud, wishes are then made, and the butterflies are set free to create a large canopy over the bride and groom.

You can purchase all of your butterfly accessories and live butterflies for your wedding online. Online vendors guarantee their butterflies to be alive and delivered on time for your butterfly wedding.

However, the availability of the butterflies is governed by weather and timing. They are sold only in the warmer months, late May through early October. Because of the great demand for the butterflies during these peak wedding months, you should place your order nine months to a year in advance.

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