Here’s a great way to pay special tribute to both mothers on the day of your wedding.

Arrange with your florist to have two extra red roses, complete with baby’s breath and ribbon, placed at the back of your bridal bouquet. As you make your way to the alter, stop and present one rose to your mother along with a kiss and say, “I love you, mom.”

When the ceremony is over and you are walking arm-in arm with your new husband, stop and repeat this gesture of love and respect with your mother-in-law. As you hand her the rose, you may want to add, “I’m happy to be a part of the family.”

This gesture is especially effective if neither mother knows you will be doing this. What a nice surprise! This honorable tribute not only will fill your mothers’ hearts with joy and pride, it will also set the tone of the relationship you establish with your new mother-in-law, a harmonious bond that will last forever.

NOTE: This is not called “The Rose Ceremony.” It is simply a way for the Bride to recognize her mother and the mother of the Groom.

There is a “Rose Ceremony” that is an add-on ceremony to the wedding ceremony. For information please refer to the actual “Rose Ceremony” document.

NOTE: If either of the Bride or Groom’s mother or father (or Grandparents) are deceased, a nice gesture is to lay a “white” rose on an empty chair. Presenting a white rose indicates that someone has passed on. Red roses are for the living.

A symbolic gesture with a white rose may be preferable, instead of a spoken remembrance. A reading or mentioning departed loved one’s names can get very emotional. If the loss is recent, it may be difficult for, not only the Bride and Groom, but for family, friends and guests.

Ceremony Sample


“_________’s mother is not with us today and in honor of her memory, _________ will lay a white rose on her empty chair. We know she is with us in Spirit.”

. . . or . . .


“Join with me as we bow our heads to observe a moment of silence to honor the memory of those who are not with us today, but are here in spirit. Amen.”

. . . or . . .


“As a memorial candle burns on the guest table,  join with me as we bow our heads to observe a moment of silence to honor the memory of those who are not with us today, but are here in spirit. Amen.”

These words can be edited and expanded as needed. This can also be used if a father of the Bride or Groom is deceased.

Choosing Your Rose

All roses symbolize Love, but their colors have special meaning.
Use the list below to choose the shade that best matches the feeling you want to convey.

Red – Love, passion, respect and courage
Yellow – Joy, friendship and freedom
Pink – Happiness, gratitude, appreciation and admiration
Cream – Thoughtfulness, charm and graciousness
Orange – Admiration, fascination, enthusiasm and desire
White – Innocence, purity, secrecy, reverence and to honor those who are deceased